Maximizing Performance & Case Study Compliance in the Cloud


A global FinTech company specializing in app, platform, and marketplace payments and financial transactions needed to upgrade their cloud-based production platform. This would require an enterprise-toenterprise transition of support and maintenance duties.Lobster was chosen as the ideal partner to deliver the innovative technology the client was looking to implement. For an effective upgrade, it would be necessary to introduce a cloud-based test automation framework, DevOps automation, and a hybrid consulting model. These technology solutions would also need to improve operations while reducing monthly overhead.


Given that the client’s entire business model was based on cloud delivery, it was essential to provide a streamlined solution that maintained functionality with little downtime. This was a focus when transitioning all aspects of support, maintenance, development, issue management, and 24/7 monitoring to the Lobster technical team. Additionally, developing a Proof of Concept (POC), adhering to Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards, and designing the platform for scalability were priorities that would ensure a successful solution. Finally, Lobster also developed the documentation necessary to boost communication and keep operations running appropriately


The initial transition of duties to Lobster was successfully completed on schedule. Additionally, the ongoing project responsibilities of support and maintenance provide a number of key benefits for the FinTech leader’s business model, including:
• The introduction of an automation-based framework, streamlining processes and activities
• The elimination of a single point of failure, resulting in a more secure and reliable model
• A boost to efficiency, reducing monthly upkeep costs by 62%