Automating Continuous Integration and Delivery for a FinTech Platform

The Challenge:

Automate FinTech Operations in Just Six Weeks

A global financial transaction company sought to develop an automated continuous integration/ continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline for their Fintech platform. The organization’s engineers and developers sought a solution that would deploy pipeline instances in a much faster way in order to increase efficiency.

With an aggressive six-week timeline, the organization viewed Lobster as the only partner who could meet their challenging request. At the time, test cases were not clearly defined or specified, and the client had complications stemming from a lack of automation talent on their team. Organizing and planning processes would be critical to ensuring end-to-end delivery.

The Solution:

Map Out Test Cases and Create a Scalable Prototype

Lobster deployed a team of four individuals to meet the task. These technology professionals held expertise in DevOps engineering, automation, and fullstack development, skills that proved essential as the team sought to understand requirements, product specifications, and data flow.

To alleviate the hurdles inherent in building an automated CI/CD pipeline, these individuals mapped out and developed integration test cases, ultimately developing a workable prototype that was optimized for scalability. Communication between team members and the client was necessary throughout this process.

The Results:

Increase Efficiency and Accuracy While Reducing Deployment Time

Lobster met the aggressive six-week deadline and successfully completed the project on time. An automated CI/CD pipeline was created boasting full coverage, increased speed, and a distinct reduction in errors. The client enjoyed a number of benefits from this project, including:

  • Deployment time being cut down from several days to just seconds
  • Less required maintenance, placing time back into employee schedules
  • Accuracy that improved through a decrease in manual processes

Lobster directly supported the client’s operations throug modern automation practices that boosted eficiency.